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When you are staying at Sakura Park Hotel & Residence, you can always visit another interesting place nearby.

Golf Lounge

Golf Lounge Package
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Wibawa Mukti Stadion

Wibawa Mukti Stadion is a multi-purpose stadium located in Cikarang, Bekasi. It is currently used mostly for football matches. The…
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District 1 Meikarta

District 1 Meikarta is a lifestyle center at Cikarang. With a shopping center, various restaurant and cafe, you can enjoy…
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Meikarta Central Park

Meikarta Central Park is a 105ha City Park of Meikarta residents. It has 25 ha lake that provides a beautiful…
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Mall Lippo Cikarang

Lippo Mall Cikarang is a modern shopping center at Cikarang Bekasi. It has various stores provide home living, restaurants, cafe,…
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Warterboom Lippo Cikarang

Looking for some family vacation at Cikarang? Want to play and swim with your families? Waterboom Lippo Cikarang is a…
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